Message from the Rabbi regarding contributions and donations in support and maintenance of our edifice.  

Please do not indicate that you are paying a bill, for the company will charge a fee. Do however indicate how your donation should be distributed so that it can be properly accounted for.  

To make a contribution to help support this work, please use one of the following options: PayPal, $CashApp, Zelle, or  mail-in.  

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Congregation Temple Beth'El

Congregation Temple Beth'EL


Mail-in contributions should be addressed to:

Attention: Ms. P. Plummer, treasurer

Congregation Temple Beth'El

P. O. Box 14283

Philadelphia, PA 19138  

Please make check out to Congregation Temple Beth'El.

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Click on the $CashApplogo and go directly to its website where you can enter your contribution to either $plummer9005 or $rdab7350 or Zelle or 215-933-9912